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It’s Different This Time

My disease progression continues, but this time it’s different. I can live without the use of my legs; I can live without the use of my arms. It’s not easy, but doable. But now, my progression is reaching the point... Continue Reading →

A Hashtag is Worth a Thousand Words

#ShellysPCT Scott will begin his journey of a lifetime in just a few short weeks. Beginning May 1st is going to hike 2,663 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. He is hiking for those of us who can't, raising awareness... Continue Reading →

Finding Joy in the Little Things

Most of my days are spent doing the things I love with people I love. Pictured clown noses are a case in point.  Other than the occasional dental cleaning or medical appointment, I spend most of my energy on the people... Continue Reading →

Arms Like T-Rex

The upside of not being able to lift anything heavy is that my manicure stays picture perfect for weeks. My shoulders are weak so I keep my elbows tucked by my side. In essence, I have T-Rex arms. You may notice I... Continue Reading →

Walking for Those Who Can’t

I've been battling strange urges to walk outside and get the mail. I want to walk into the kitchen and steal Steve's Peanut M&Ms. My mind tells me, "Hey, it's ok, just get up and walk!" Of course my body... Continue Reading →

The Four Agreements

Years ago I read the The Four Agreements: A Toltec Wisdom Book by Miguel Ruiz, and forever changed how I navigate life. The pan-theological introduction challenged my sensibilities. Ruiz describes Toltec wisdom not as a religion but rather a way of... Continue Reading →

Grief to Gratitude

The more I lose the more grateful I become. My arms are clumsy and shake when I reach -- I know someday they will be ornamental. So for now I am acutely grateful for typing and scratching my nose. I can... Continue Reading →

Running Free

I used to run on the paved trails in the open spaces surrounding my neighborhood.  I wasn't a very good runner; three miles was a victory for me. Running cleared my head and released stress. Funny thing, I was running... Continue Reading →

Next Steps

What now? I've had ALS symptoms for over three years. I'm an old timer in some circles -- statistically I'm one of the lucky ones. From the start Steve and planned for the worst and hoped for the best and... Continue Reading →

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