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I’m delighted to announce that my debut novel is now available on Amazon.

When you receive your paperback or e-book, please email to request your free book discussion questions.

Description of Timeless Sisters

Janene, Cora, and Amadahy live in the same North Carolina town centuries apart. Janene, a modern-day high school teacher, loses her career and identity in the face of a devastating illness. Cora, an enslaved person during the Civil War, flees the Yarbrough plantation after her family is murdered. She finds refuge at Mama Hattie’s house only to encounter the killer years later. Amadahy, a Cherokee before the European invasion, loses a child and her husband leaves. She finds an unlikely love while on a river adventure and returns to find trouble at home. A sacred, maternal talisman connects the three women as they search for lasting peace. Follow this fast-paced, emotional journey to the collective sisterhood at the river.