The more I lose the more grateful I become. My arms are clumsy and shake when I reach — I know someday they will be ornamental. So for now I am acutely grateful for typing and scratching my nose.

I can hold my head up and breathe on my own. I can speak and eat with ease. I am keenly aware of my great fortune.

My legs no longer carry me and my feet drop straight down. I am grateful to the point of tears for my power chair, patient lift, and hand controls in my van.

Actions you may pay little attention to, like getting in and our of bed are beyond my abilities now as ALS continues to take its toll. Thankfully Steve is always there to lift me and tuck me into bed.

Please don’t have pity. Rather, be grateful for all that you have and can do. Do you have a job that pays the bills? Do you have a warm place to sleep? Do you have at least one person in this world to love? Can you walk to the kitchen to grab something to eat? Be thankful.

I’m Forgiven and Free and choosing gratitude