I believe in the good things coming — Nahko

The music of Nahko and Medicine for the People has profoundly influenced my journey. I adopted their chorus, I believe in the good things coming, as a motto to sustain me during my difficult days living with ALS. Nahko sings of peace and finding joy and gratitude, a message that is medicine for my soul.

I had the most amazing experience at a concert a few days ago. Nahko came out into the audience and I found him standing next to me. He held my hand and sang my favorite song, Love Letters to God. My heart nearly exploded. I felt his energy pour into me as he sang, I’ve never experienced anything like it. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of abundance and joy that could not be contained.  My heart expanded and I am compelled to be a conduit for the love and acceptance shown to me. Truly, he gave me his medicine.

Speaking of medicine, I was fortunate to start in a phase I, open label extension of an experimental drug trial. That means I get to take a new drug everyday for 11 months, with no placebo. I’m super hopeful that this novel molecule could stop my progression. I’ve lost the use of my arms and legs, but I can still talk, breathe, and eat — three things I’d like to hold onto.

So friends, what do we make of this? Two things: Medicine and healing can come in different forms and we can let peace, love, and joy flow through us in abundance. There is no shortage of these.

I’m Forgiven and Free and living life abundantly