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Unmet Expectations

Much of my emotional suffering is a result of unmet expectations.  The visible suffering of ALS is obvious in loss of ability to control my body. Sure it's frustrating for me and everyone who loves me. So we slow down,... Continue Reading →

My Shrinking World

Some is my own doing; some is a consequence of declining mobility and function. But no doubt, my world is shrinking. My constant go, go, go has been reduced to a single go and rest the remainder of the day.... Continue Reading →

Ode to Opposable Thumbs

You separated me from most of the animal kingdom, my opposable thumbs. Open a shampoo bottle Pick up a fork Pull up the covers Turn the page Text a friend Mute the TV You are slipping away from me. Squeeze the toothpaste... Continue Reading →

Grief to Gratitude

The more I lose the more grateful I become. My arms are clumsy and shake when I reach -- I know someday they will be ornamental. So for now I am acutely grateful for typing and scratching my nose. I can... Continue Reading →

The Struggle is Real

My FaceBook newsfeed is filled with good times and good friends. The smiles are sincere. Yet I continue to struggle with grief. Just when I think I've adjusted to a new normal or come to terms with ALS, a rogue... Continue Reading →

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