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ALS Journey

Preparing for Life without Hands

Legs are relatively easy to replace with equipment and ramps. I use a power chair, shower chair, patient lift, lateral rotation bed, and a van with a ramp and hand controls.  Once I'm showered, dressed and lifted into Ruby Tuesday... Continue Reading →

Roll with Grace

Death is a constant in the ALS community. Yet this one hit me particularly hard. My dear friend and adopted sister won her battle with ALS on Wednesday, January 18th. I met Karen and her amazing family in May, 2014... Continue Reading →

Balance: Mind, Body & Spirit

I practice in my Christian tradition that: my mind is to be fixed on praiseworthy things Finally, my brothers and sisters, always think about what is true. Think about what is noble, right and pure. Think about what is lovely and... Continue Reading →

Resolutions with a Twist

Oh, there is much I want to do in 2017. Find a cure for ALS. Advocate for social justice. Travel to Europe. Walk. Write a book. There is much to do, but I'm not resolving to DO anything. My new... Continue Reading →

Unmet Expectations

Much of my emotional suffering is a result of unmet expectations.  The visible suffering of ALS is obvious in loss of ability to control my body. Sure it's frustrating for me and everyone who loves me. So we slow down,... Continue Reading →

My Shrinking World

Some is my own doing; some is a consequence of declining mobility and function. But no doubt, my world is shrinking. My constant go, go, go has been reduced to a single go and rest the remainder of the day.... Continue Reading →

Ode to Opposable Thumbs

You separated me from most of the animal kingdom, my opposable thumbs. Open a shampoo bottle Pick up a fork Pull up the covers Turn the page Text a friend Mute the TV You are slipping away from me. Squeeze the toothpaste... Continue Reading →

A Guinea Pig’s Room with a View

The Golden Gate Bridge is to the left and Alcatraz is to the right. Oh, the stories they could tell. This is my view of San Francisco for the next four days as I participate in a Phase 1 (first... Continue Reading →

Right to Die

I don't want to die. If fact, I'm fighting to live! The End of Life Option Act just became law in California. A patient with six months to live has the option the obtain life-ending medication. Here's the problem -- the... Continue Reading →

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