I don’t want to die. If fact, I’m fighting to live!

The End of Life Option Act just became law in California. A patient with six months to live has the option the obtain life-ending medication. Here’s the problem — the medications have to be self administered. By the time most ALS patients have six months to live they are completely paralyzed and do not have access to the End of Life Option. Many are also unable to communicate and can’t make the two verbal requests and one written request required by the law.

I was interviewed by our local CBS news affiliate last week and shared how people with ALS and other physically debilitating diseases won’t be able to access the law. Regardless of how you feel about it, it is the law and everyone should have access to it regardless of a disability.

Looks like we have some advocacy work to do. Speaking of accessibility and advocacy, why do all forms of public transportation have wheelchair accessibility except airplanes? Anyone know how to make that happen? Do I have to sue the airlines?

I’m Forgiven and Free and looking for accessibility

P.S. Here’s a link to the video: CBS Local News Segment