I used to listen to podcasts of Ed Dobson with his son Kent when they were guest speakers at Mars Hill Church. I wondered what was wrong with his voice, maybe a stroke? Turns out he has ALS. I’ve been following his journey ever since by watching his Ed’s Story videos on Flannel.org. His latest video Healed resonates with me. You can watch the trailer here: Ed’s Story of Healing

A year ago, I went to my church’s worship and healing service and was talking to God about it the following week, “Hey God! I’m still in this chair. Are you going to heal me or what?” God spoke to my heart, “My dear child, you’ve already received my ultimate healing.” I exhaled. Wow. I guess I have.

Ed Dobson said in his video, “Don’t become obsessed with healing; get lost in the wonder of God, and who knows what He will do for you?”

I went for a second round of prayer last month. Can God cure ALS? Yes. I just don’t know if it will be a miraculous sudden reversal or an effective treatment born of pharma. I’ll take either one. But for now I’m healed and grateful.

Does your heart need healed? Get lost in the wonder of God.

I’m Forgiven and Free and still praying for a cure