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Birthday Cake

My grandson Archer spoke to my soul over his first birthday cake. His current vocabulary consists of uh-oh, stop, go, mama, dada, and thank you. Yet, he delivered a message to me that I believe was straight from God. We were enjoying... Continue Reading →

Living on Borrowed Time

August marks three years since ALS first reared its ugly head. This anniversary has given me pause because this far along in the game many people require ventilator support to breathe.

Reframing a Pee Puddle

A tap on my shoulder, "There's a liquid dripping on the floor from your bag!" Slight panic ensues. My first thought is about the awful smell! Have I eaten asparagus lately? Embarrassment sneaks in. It happened twice before. A rookie mistake. I... Continue Reading →


This journal entry appeared in my TimeHop app as one that was written one year ago today. It's a short one but rings true. By  Shelly Hoover — Aug 26, 2013 4:09pm I've been thinking about freedom. What does it mean to be... Continue Reading →

Acid Tears

It's been happening a few times a week. Unprovoked, my eyes well up and acid tears run down my cheeks. The searing renders me useless until after a few minutes it ceases as quickly as it began. I googled acid tears and searched... Continue Reading →

The Struggle is Real

My FaceBook newsfeed is filled with good times and good friends. The smiles are sincere. Yet I continue to struggle with grief. Just when I think I've adjusted to a new normal or come to terms with ALS, a rogue... Continue Reading →

The Struggle is Real

Life can be tough. Relationships, job, finances, illness, drama. We all experience pain and grief. Some days and seasons are worse than others. Yet, freedom is possible. It's waiting for you on the other side. Join me on the journey... Continue Reading →

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