archer cake

My grandson Archer spoke to my soul over his first birthday cake. His current vocabulary consists of uh-oh, stop, go, mama, dada, and thank you. Yet, he delivered a message to me that I believe was straight from God.

We were enjoying a beautifully decorated first birthday party with friends and family. After lunch and presents, Archer was devouring an ample slice of confetti birthday cake. I rolled close to his high chair and stared into his eyes. I told him happy birthday and how much I love him and how he brings so much joy to my life.

He stared at me intently. It wasn’t a typical baby stare. His face grew serious and his eyes looked so deeply they penetrated my soul. From his heart to mine I heard him say, “Don’t give up grandma, I want you to stay here.” Tears welled in my eyes and peace flooded my heart. Thank you Archer. I needed to hear that.

I’m Forgiven and Free